WHY VOLUNTEERS MATTER: Volunteering is a great opportunity to use your time, energy, and skills to make a real difference in someone’s life.  Whether you are enthusiastically greeting our guests, holding babies in the nursery, or playing the drums on the stage, every volunteer has a part in the life-transformation that happens each week at Westside.  Join a team and experience the joy of knowing that God used your life to make a life changing impact.

WHAT'S THE COMMITMENT? When you join a volunteer team, you are assigned a Team Leader who will work with you to create a serving schedule that best fits your availability.  We encourage most people to serve once a week whenever possible, but many teams have volunteers rotating every other week or even once a month.  You are never locked into a team. If you feel it’s not the right fit for you just talk with your team leader about trying something new.

Just browse the opportunities below, click the one(s) you might be interested in, submit the form and someone will contact you with more information!



We love families, and that is why we offer a safe and fun kid-friendly environment ranging from Birth-5th grade. Each service we offer high-energy, age-appropriate songs, games, and creative teaching for our Westside kids. Our goal is that they will leave excited knowing that they are special, that God loves them, and that He has a purpose for their lives. The children’s classes meet at the same time as the adult services.  So while parents are experiencing the music and teaching of the adult service, their kids are experiencing God in their own fun & exciting way.

KID’S CHECK-IN (Sundays)
Front line of fun!  Enthusiastically welcome families with a smile as they enter. Guide families through the process of checking into a kids' environment and help answer parent’s questions about our program.

Without you we’d have nothing. Help prepare the crafts and materials needed to support and enhance the Sunday teaching and activities for our pre-school through elementary classes. 

NURSERY (Sundays)
Got Baby Fever? These are our youngest kiddos whom we love to love on each week as we build relationships and trust. We create a warm and safe place as they explore the wonderful world that God made for them. 

PRE-SCHOOL (Sundays)
This is our most active group of kids. They are engaged in playtime and activities. They learn about God through weekly Bible stories, music, and express themselves through a variety of arts & craft projects. The focus is to teach them the characteristics of God such as Love, Kindness, Humility, and Serving in fun and creative ways.

Get crazy with this high-energy bunch of curious kids. Help these up-and-comers find their way through exciting presentations, art projects, Bible teaching, discussion, and activities.

This is our opening act as we engage and lead our kids in worship through dance and music. You don’t need to know how to play an instrument, but should know how to bust a move.

Got the knack for knowing how to plug this into that and for problem solving technology? Help to provide our kids with the best high-tech experience possible, (tv’s, sound systems, gaming systems, projectors, computers, etc.)

SPECIAL NEEDS BUDDIES (Sundays - Aloha Campus only)
Provide a major impact for a family by offering 1-1 assistance for children with special needs, while their parents get a chance to rejuvenate during the adult service. No need for a background in special needs, just a heart for it!




A lot must be done from one Sunday to the next and our central support teams are hard at work making it happen.

Through database entry, hand written notes, emails, and letters, we get the opportunity to connect with our new Westside guests and let them know that we were happy they stopped by one of our campuses. 

There’s a lot on people’s minds and each week we get a ton of prayer requests from our Sunday connection cards. We email those requests to a team of committed people who pray thoughtfully throughout the week.   

We love our trees and that’s why we recycle our Sunday programs each week. Our task is simple. Sort out what we can use again for the next weeks program assembly team.  

Folding, paper clipping, and stuffing… it takes an army to get these babies ready for Sunday.   

It’s crazy how much work needs to be done in the office throughout the week so we help answer phones, receive packages, and work on the priority office tasks of the week.  

There’s windows to be clean, gadgets to fix, plumbing to unplug, and cleanup to be done (inside & out). Help us present a positive and professional image to our community by making our campuses look sharp.



We are the first impression of Westside and we’re dedicated to providing an awesome experience for our guests.  We’ve got big smiles, outgoing spirits, and our mission is to make our guests feel welcomed, relaxed, and ready to experience the service.

Orange vests say “I’m a rockstar” at Westside.  Welcoming our guests from the parking lot with a smile and directing them to the closest parking spot to the front door is our job.  Dancing in the streets is optional.  

We’re on the front line of welcoming our guests to the Sunday services. We smile, say good morning, and are ready to show our guests around in a moment’s notice.

DONUT TEAM (Sundays)
Hot, (melt-in-your-mouth) donuts are where it’s at.  Pick up the donuts & stock the table with Krispy Kremes and welcoming with a smile = amazing "wow" for anyone who walks through the doors.   

We live in the heart of coffee land! Preparing the Starbucks house blend and stocking the essentials for a great cup of help set a comfortable and familiar atmosphere.  A cup of coffee in  your hand can do amazing things by relaxing people and getting conversations started. Go coffee team!



These teams create meaningful, creative, or impactful experiences for everyone that attends Westside through planning, set-up & tear down, music, multi-media, lighting, video, sound and a variety of other ways!

We are the secret agents who prepare the weekly video messages, roll-in clips, animations, or any other video element that helps support the weekend services. No special skills required, just a burning desire to learn this stuff.    

BAND (Sundays)
Music is powerful tool of expression and whether it’s singing or playing an instrument we allow God to use us to create an environment where hearts and minds can be opened to experiencing the awesomeness of God, no matter where they are at on their spiritual journey.

Lights, camera & action! This team has all the power as they control the mood of the weekend service using strategic lighting, dialing in the right sound, and running the video and message presentation. Computer experience is helpful but definitely not required. We can train.  

SPECIAL OPS (Sundays) If you love that behind-the-scenes magic that makes everything work, this team is for you. We put out street signs, tidy up the campuses, prep the parking lots and pay special attention to our worship spaces. Come early or stay after, we've got room for you in Special Ops.



The fact is, our Sunday services are too big to build real community, so the way we connect at Westside is through growth groups.  They are a great way to meet new friends, grow in your relationship with God, have fun, and make a difference. You'll find people who are friendly but not creepy, spiritual but not obnoxious, people who don't take themselves too seriously, but want to make the most out of life.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3! As a Growth Group leader you provide a place for people to build friendships and facilitate group discussions that revolve around something you’re interested in. The groups are typically held in seasons (spring, summer, fall) once a week for approximately 10 weeks and we provide all leaders with the coaching and tools needed to run a successful group!

GROUP HOST (Anytime)
What does every group need? A place to meet! If you've got a living room, a place for a few cars and a welcoming attitude, you could partner up with one of our Growth Group Leaders to provide a great space for a group to thrive this season.



Our Middle School & High School teams are committed to creating an atmosphere where students can find & follow Jesus. Teenagers face a multitude of challenges and our goal is to create a place where they can come to escape the stress and anxiety of teenage life and find acceptance, support and encouragement to live the life God intends for them to live. 

Connect with students as they’re coming in on Sundays and introduce them to others. Help as needed.

Come hang out with students as they participate in regular events.

Get our students to and from the regular events that they’re participating in.

Growth group leader/coordinator needed to guide High School leaders and coordinate & organize growth group seasons. A background in bible knowledge, teaching & leading others would be helpful.