Spreading God's Love Here, Near & Far

This Christmas season our goal is to help people here, near & far feel the love of God. We're reaching out to make a difference together with 3 key initiatives:

PROJECT #1: Make our weekend teaching more engaging and interactive by updating our video & other technology.


We are passionate about making sure that the message of God’s love comes across in a passionate and engaging way in every service we offer. Currently, we are not able to broadcast a live service and our online video teaching reach is limited.


PROJECT 2: Bring Hope & Help to Local Schools

Our local schools are our #1 serving opportunity, and we want to make sure the students, faculty and staff are supported and encouraged. We will be working with our local principals to fund necessary and under-funded projects that will move the needle in a way that impacts the self-esteem of the students.


PROJECT 3: Help Our Global Partners Feel God’s Love @ Christmas

Our Global Partnerships focus on under-served ministry opportunities in strategic world locations: Mexico, Indonesia, Guatemala, North America, and Ecuador. Our Christmas Offering will provide tangible proof of God’s love to deserving people in these locations, as well as completing a work-site project at our new church plant in Ecuador.